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Workplace Skills – QQI 4M2010

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QQI Level 4

The level 4 courses are general education and work related training programmes for adults. The aim of the courses is to provide unemployed adults with an opportunity to gain new skills, confidence and certification which will enable them to enter or re-enter the work force, or progress to further education. The courses consists of class – based learning and project work, practical work and training and work experience placement.

Course Duration

These courses may be completed in one year or spread over spread over two years.


QQI National Vocational Certificate Level 4 (4M2010)


Workplace Skills with (students may choose to specialise in one of the following areas)

1.    Health Related Fitness and Nutrition

2.    Information Technology with Business English

3.    Tourism and Retail Studies with English

Students who enrol on one of the three courses above will choose from the following modules:

  • 4N1180 ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages)
  • 4N1108 Business English
  • 4N1178 Work Practice
  • 4N0689 Communications
  • 4N1183 Retail Skills
  • 4N2830 Health Care /Nutrition
  • 4N2666 Health Related Fitness
  • 4N0628 Tourism and Customer Care
  • 4N1132 Personal Effectiveness
  • 4N1987 Maths and Numeracy
  • Handcrafts
  • Art
  • 4N1125 Information Technology (Internet, Email, Word etc.)

Work Experience

Work Experience is an important part of these courses. The work placement provides students with first – hand experience of work practices in their chosen sector. Students will be assisted with CV and interview preparation, work placement applications and will be supported throughout the process.

Career progression/Further education

Successful students may continue their studies and progress to QQI level 5 or use their new skills to enter the work place.

What are the educational entry requirements for level 4?

There are none. A wide range of courses and modules are offered. People who may not have had the opportunity to attend or complete secondary school or equivalent in another country are particularly welcomed.

What’s involved and who can apply?

At VTOS, Galway we aim to give unemployed people education and training opportunities which will increase their employment opportunities. By completing one of the level 4 courses participants will gain a recognised QQI level 4 National Qualification.

VTOS welcomes and provides a supportive environment for learners who wish to return to education at any stage of their adult lives. You will have the chance to update your education and skills and will be prepared to engage in further education or to gain paid employment.

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